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Being present

Being present

“pppfpffpfpfppp” the irrefutable sound of a whale.

I take off running, my bags dropped as I try to pick up speed.

The rocks are jagged and uneven, unbalanced I journey closer to the ocean.

The further I get the further away she seems.

Stop, listen, catch my breath.

I scan the ocean waiting for her to come up for air.

“pppfpffpfpfppp”, “pppfpffp”

This time, a second smaller breath follows the first.

Excitement fills my body and pushes me to run forward.

She is directly in front coming straight for me as I reach the end of the rocky point.

She flows effortlessly below the water.

From above seagulls join in on the feast.

A mother orca teaching her baby.

I watch intently as they swim slowly through the inlets.

As she corners the point she turns slightly, I see her.

She looks at me and I look at her.

Our eyes meet.

We are connected for a brief moment, conscious of one another.

Witnessing wildlife

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