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Beyond Meat is beyond delicious!

Beyond Meat is taking the foodie world by storm. If you haven't heard of it Beyond Meat is a plant based protein (pea protein to be exact) that tastes and smell just like meat. HONESTLY!! It's crazy!! I think with products like the Beyond Burger people who enjoy the flavour and texture of meat can instead get it from a cruelty free product. Even my meat eating friends were even blown away when I told them it was plant based !! As a vegan sometimes I still just want a burger that tastes like a burger, so thank you Ethan Brown (founder & CEO)!

In addition to the burgers I have also tried the traditional and spicy sausages were are also mindblowingly (is that even a word??!) similar-maybe even more so than the burger.

In Canada the fast food restaurant A&W has partnered with Beyond Meat to offer both a burger and a breakfast sausage sandwich. Shout out to A&W for offering something plant-based eaters (and non plant-based) can enjoy as an alternative!!!

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