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Dairy-Free Yogurt...which one should I choose?!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Happy Veganuary!! Have you taken the pledge?! Veganuary is a charity inspiring people to try vegan for January and throughout the rest of the year. If not that's cool too, maybe you're already vegan, on the path to veganism (what I endearingly call vegan-ish), maybe you're vegetarian, maybe you just have an allergy or sensitivity to dairy, or maybe you are none of the above, a meat eater with an interest in changing your diet...or not. All good everyone is welcome to read my blog so hello and thanks for being here!

Many people, myself included, struggle with the idea of becoming vegan NOT because they aren't compassionate or that they'd don't recognize the terrible conditions animals are "raised" in the current system but because you feel like you are giving up the things you enjoy eating. I don't know how many times I try things and think "this DOES NOT taste like _____" when I am hoping it does. Listen I get it!! I want to eat chicken, yogurt, and CHEESE that tastes like what I am used to without the cruelty and you know...the killing! Don't get me wrong sometimes I don't want or need it to taste like _____ but it's gotta be good-am I right?!

This is why I started this site and why I decided to do a blog about yogurt. Disclaimer: these are MY opinions (oh and my husband Craig's he totally got on board with the taste testing) and are NOT sponsored! You might totally agree or completely disagree with me and that's OK. The yogurts I selected were based on what was available at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and my local Save-On-Foods. Whole Foods had a much wider selection (Save-On-Foods and Trader Joe's I'm calling you out!!).

Criteria: Each category was graded out of 5 for a total score out of 20.

Taste=How closely it tasted to "traditional" dairy yogurt .

Flavour=How yummy the flavour was (mango, blueberry, strawberry etc). If we were to do it again we would get the same flavour for all the products for more validity.

Texture=Thickness. Was it more like a fat-free (thin), standard (I learned it's also called European), or Greek style (thick) yogurt texture.

Care/Other=Commitment to sustainable practices and other noteworthy things about the product/company

*Cost wasn't a part of the criteria as all of the yogurts were around the same price (between $1.49 and $3.00)

Dairy-Free Yogurt Selection:

Dairy-Free Yogurts

First up: Strawberry Forager Organic Cashewgurt.

Taste: Definitely didn't taste like a traditional yogurt. The aftertaste was a bit unique (Alexis: 2, Craig:1)

Flavour: Had a fake/synthetic flavour (Alexis: 2, Craig: 1)

Texture: Liquid-y, best equated it to a fat-free yogurt style texture (Alexis: 2, Craig: 1)

Care/Other: Forager’s products are all plant-based, certified organic, non-GMO, kosher and free of lactose, gluten and soy all of which I think is awesome! (Alexis: 5, Craig: 4)

TOTAL SCORE=Alexis: 11/20, Craig: 7/20

Next up: Trader Joe's Vanilla Coconut Yogurt

Taste: More of a traditional yogurt taste but could definitely taste the coconut, which we liked. No weird aftertaste (Alexis: 4, Craig: 3)

Flavour: Yummy Vanilla bean flavour (Alexis: 4, Craig: 4)

Texture: Nice and creamy. I would equate this yogurt to a standard European style yogurt texture. I would have liked if it was a bit thicker as I like more of a greek style yogurt (Alexis: 3, Craig: 3)

Care/Other: Trader Joe's Cultured Coconut Milk Yogurts are deliciously lactose free, naturally flavoured with dairy-free probiotics. The packaging was ok, we picked it because it was the only dairy-free option at Trader Joe's (Alexis: 2, Craig: 3)

TOTAL SCORE= Alexis: 13/20, Craig: 13/20

Third: Kite Hill Vanilla Almond Milk Yogurt

Taste: Taste was a bit different. Not a traditional taste but could get use to it (Alexis: 3, Craig: 4)

Flavour: Real vanilla flavour (Alexis: 4, Craig: 4)

Texture: A bit runny/thin, more of a standard European style yogurt (Alexis: 2, Craig: 3)

Care/Other: LOVE LOVE LOVE Kite Hills commitment to environmental sustainability!! Full story inside of the label. "Nuts are simple. They’re grown on trees, harvested, hulled, and brought to market. At Kite Hill, we source local, GMO-free almonds. Tree nuts like almonds do require water and land use, but their environmental impact is relatively small compared to that of the average dairy operation." Non-GMO verified, soy and gluten free, no artificial flavours or preservatives, live and active cultures and Koser (Alexis: 5, Craig: 5)

TOTAL SCORE= Alexis: 14/20, Craig: 16/20

Fourth: Vega Protein Cashewmilk Blueberry Yogurt Alternative

Taste: Very delicious. Most like a traditional yogurt thus far (Alexis: 4, Craig: 4)

Flavour: Real blueberry-y (Alexis: 4, Craig: 4)

Texture: Nice and thick like a Greek style yogurt but a bit chalky (Alexis: 4, Craig: 4)

Care/Other: 13 grams plant-based protein, Live active cultures including pre and probiotics, Good source of minerals (magnesium, zinc, and iron), Made with real plant-based food ingredients (Alexis: 4, Craig: 5)

TOTAL SCORE= Alexis: 16/20, Craig: 17/20)

Fifth: Kite Hill Greek Style Mango Yogurt

Taste: ...dry??! I know that sounds weird but it's hard to describe what it was that wasn't good (Alexis: 2, Craig: 2)

Flavour: Mango's always yummy (not fair to the other yogurts I know) (Alexis: 4, Craig: 3)

Texture: Nice and thick Greek style yogurt texture(Alexis: 5, Craig: 5)

Care/Other: (see Kite Hill Vanilla Yogurt write up above and images for company ethos and commitment) 10 grams of Almond protein (Alexis: 5, Craig: 5)

TOTAL SCORE= Alexis: 16/20, Craig: 15/20

Sixth: So Delicious Raspberry Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative

Taste: 1st bite was a bite hmmmm but then it was good. Again like the Trader Joe's coconut yogurt it definitely tasted coconut-ty which we like but didn't taste like traditional yogurt (Alexis: 4, Craig: 5)

Flavour: Super yummy (Alexis: 4, Craig: 5)

Texture: Standard European style yogurt texture, not runny but not thick (Alexis: 4, Craig: 4)

Care/Other: Organic, Non-GMO verified, Live active cultures, Certified Vegan and Gluten Free (Alexis: 4, Craig: 4)

TOTAL SCORE= Alexis: 16/20, Craig: 18/20

Seventh: Forager Organic Mango Coconut Cashewgurt

Taste: Definitely didn't taste like a traditional yogurt. Very unique taste (Alexis: 2, Craig: 1)

Flavour: Always delicious mango was not so delicious (Alexis: 2, Craig: 1)

Texture: Runny very similar to a fat-free style yogurt (although it is full fat) (Alexis: 2, Craig: 2)

Care/Other: Everything about Forager's philosophy I LOVE. All there products are certified organic, non-GMO, kosher and free of lactose, gluten and soy. (Alexis: 4, Craig: 4)

TOTAL SCORE=Alexis: 10/20, Craig: 8/20

And finally, number 8: Daiya Black Cherry Greek Yogurt Alternative

Taste: Most like a traditional yogurt, no weird or unique aftertaste (Alexis: 5, Craig: 5)

Flavour: Black Cherry=yum!! (Alexis: 5, Craig: 5)

Texture: Super thick, exactly like greek style yogurt (Alexis: 5, Craig: 5)

Care/Other: 8 grams of plant based proteins, free from dairy, soy, gluten and other allergens, and made locally in Vancouver, BC (Alexis: 5, Craig: 5)

TOTAL SCORE=Alexis 20/20, Craig: 20/20!

Top 3 that we recommend trying and would definitely buy again are:

#1 Daiya Black Cherry Greek Yogurt Alternative

#2 So Delicious Raspberry Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative

#3 Vega Protein Cashewmilk Blueberry Yogurt Alternative

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed reading my yogurt blog as much as I had doing it!!

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