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I am from...

I am from a place where the sound of the ocean touching the earth and the cool smell of saltwater spark my senses and fill my soul. The sound of rain is so familiar I have developed an acuteness to its differing tones. The trees are tall and evergreen. The air is crisp, clear and fresh even during the warmest months.

I am from “get outside and play” and learning to entertain myself. From getting dirty and being hosed off by mom. I am from grandparents singing songs and telling childhood and wartime stories. I am from a place where holidays where spent packing the car and pitching a tent. Where not having money didn’t limit the love we had in our home. I am from learning how to navigate relationships by fighting with my brother. Later, rebellion cultivated independence and self-confidence.

I am from a place where aspen trees fill the air with the rustling of leaves and the call of the raven connects me. Where water runs fast and two rivers merge. Dry heat of the summer warms the bark of the pine trees and you can smell the distinct scent of their sap. We play with their cones and watch the ants busy working. At night, the sky is filled with stars and the full moon’s light is so brilliant that as it moves it illuminates everything as bright as day and we stay up all night to revel in it.

I am from a place where hard work was necessary and things didn’t always come easy. I am from a place of discovery and exploration. Where the influences of new things coloured my sense of wonder. Where fresh food was valued and rarely came from a box.

I am from a place where gatherings with family led to a whole lot of laughter, as well as tears, and where the passing of members threatened to cut off branches from our tree.

I am from a place where everyone had a role and expectations were high. I am from a place where being loud and getting excited were celebrated. Where we moved our bodies and danced to many different rhythms.

I am from a place where nature is always close and it calls to me.

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