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Stopover in Iceland

Having promised to always stay at least one night wherever our stopovers are, our final country last summer was Iceland.

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After picking up the car we headed into Reykjavik to our Airbnb. It was very close to town (walking distance to the Main Street). Iceland, if you can believe it, is more expensive than Switzerland so we wanted to buy some groceries for the morning and lunch as well as a couple drinks to have in before heading out, so we drove to one of the less expensive grocery stores Kronan and tried to get some beers but the liquor stores close at 6!! There were a couple liquor stores that were open to 8 but we decided to just wait until the next day to get any.

Having researched vegan places to eat we decided on comfort food place called Veganaes inside one of the bars. The food was A-MAZ-ING!!! We shared the Spicy Seitanic Burger and the fish-ish sticks. They were both so good but the burger was unreal. It was so good we went again the next night! Craig thought why try something else that might not be as good??!! So true!! We ended up talking to the chef and her business partner and they told us they had only recently opened up and were hoping to expand.

They said the demand for vegan food was increasing in Iceland and that business was booming. We asked about people eating whale and puffin (gross I know) and she said only tourists eat it and that is the main reason why they hunt them. If you go to Iceland don’t eat puffin or whale it’s gross!!

The 2nd day we drove The Golden Circle Road to check out a number of waterfalls. The weather wasn’t great so I was glad I had bought rain clothes in England. It was a beautiful drive the landscape was untamed and unique. Our first stop was Seljalandfoss waterfall. It was super cool because you could walk behind it. En route to the next waterfall we stopped to make friends with some Icelandic horses. They were so beautiful and inquisitive we ended up taking pictures, scratching their necks and watching them for a while. The second waterfall was Skogafoss. It was wider than the first and more like a veil made of water. We walked the steps to the top to see the view from above.

The last waterfall Gullfoss was the largest and most epic. It was a bit of a zoo with the number of people there and we were both a bit touristed out and ready to head back, so we didn’t stay long. It was also windy and raining and despite the rain proof clothes it was still freezing. It was a long day and we were ready to head back after about 9 hours in the car. Something to remember if you plan to go to Iceland is it’s a lot of driving. If you don’t want to rent a car there are a lot of bus excursions that go to all the same places we did-if not more. As a side note the best month (warmest and driest) seemed to be June.

Gullfoss waterfalls, Iceland, Landscape, Golden Circle Road

Before getting on the flight home Craig booked us in for the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a really cool place because it is the result (waste product) of a geothermal plant. The temperature is about 38 degrees and the colour is ice blue. It was such an amazing way to end the trip!!

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